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Denver Dog Behavior Training, located in West Metro Denver  is Canine Professional Behavior Modification at its finest.

We specialize in positive reinforcement treatment programs,  resolving a wide variety of unwanted canine issues.  

We offer diagnosis, prognosis and individualized training plans, tailored to each dog. The results come quickly, are effective,  and permanent.  


Because of our proven track record with difficult behavior issues, we are frequently consulted and recommended by  veterinarians, breeders, rescue groups, shelters, and other dog trainers.

Appointments are held at veterinary offices, our training facility in Lakewood, and occasionally in clients homes. 


Denver Dog Behavior Training was founded by Professional Canine Behavior Specialist, Diana S. Coles and brings over 25 years of dog behavior experience into your home.

Diana has served as Vice-President and Training Director of American Sport Dog, East Coast Dog Training Club. She is also a  certified Tester/Evaluator for Therapy Dogs  for the Alliance of Therapy Dogs. (

Diana competes regularly in AKC Agility Shows and has multiple titles on both her dogs. She also is an American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen instructor and tester. 


Diana has provided trained dogs for movies, her own dog, Razzle Dazzle Basil, debuted in the intense drama, GREGORY AND JANE! (See movie clip below) 

She is Terricycle's top pick Canine Behavior Modification Specialist for their


We also have been filmed for TV, featured in cover stories for the Asbury Park Press and Home News Tribune, newspapers and magazines.


Incredible Results


Our fast and effective Behavior Modification Programs are individually tailored to each dog. Our 25+ years of implementing our methods have PROVEN their value. Our Behavior Modification Programs are strictly positive reinforcement based, No Man-handling, no choke collars, no prong collars, no shock collars of any kind are ever used.

Our customers often gasp in amazement as they see their dogs understand and start the process of changing at the first session!          

Just  Incredible!


We are so confident of our methods and proven results,  that we give every client  unlimited consults, for the life of  their dog. Here at Denver Dog Behavior Training,

we stand behind our work.


NO Choke collars -(aka Slip collars)

NO Prong collars- (aka Pinch collars)

NO Shock collars (aka Electronic collars, 



Terricycle's Top Pick Behaviorist for National Geographic TV episode- PET PROJECT

Unparalleled Behavior Modification Success 


Unlike many dog training and behavior modification companies, Denver Dog Behavior Training uses purely positive reinforcement modification plans tailored to your individual dogs temperament and behavior issue involved.

Please note: We do not just treat THE SYMPTOMS, as many in this field do.

We root out the UNDERLYING CAUSE of the issue to permanently irradicate the behavior.


KEEP YOUR DOG with our Aggression and Behavior Problem Modification Programs


Dog aggression and behavior problems can be especially exasperating for owners.

These can also be a liability. 

Many families become discouraged and give up, feeling that there is no hope.

Animal shelters are filled with dogs that could have been helped to change. You haven't give your dog a real chance at success until you've consulted with us. 


We want to keep your dog with your family.

We want you to reach your full potential together.

For any behavior issue of any kind in the Denver Metro area call:

303 909 9362----Denver Dog Behavior Training




The motion picture Gregory and Jane features 3 dogs trained by Denver Dog Behavior Training!



Enjoy a clip from the movie below:






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