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Denver Dog Behavior Training resolving all types of canine aggression issues






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Dog to People

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We can quickly and permanently resolve your dog's behavior issues. Sucessful treatment in these cases rests first on an accurate evaluation of your dog's temperament and personality and understanding the reasons behind the emotional displays. Every dog we take in for aggression resolutions has a thorough temperament evaluation. We will then address the root cause of the problem by attending to your dog's inner emotional state. When that state is balanced, the outbursts and displays will either greatly diminish or stop completely. We are very good at what we do here and often these cases have even better results than the initial expected prognosis.  Our 25+ years of experience with all breeds is invaluable.  Please note: All Aggressive Dog Behavior modification techniques are non-violent and do not involve "man-handling" of any kind.


Colorado Aggressive Dog Behavior Problem Solving by Certified Professional Canine Behavorist


Every case we handle comes with no charge consultations for the life of the dog.We know the dogs we work with and we know what they know. If you ever have any problem, for the life of the dog, just give us a call.

We are available to help if a problem arises and stand behind our work.

Whether the object of your dog's aggression is other dogs, strangers, or family members, we can help!

Call now for your no charge phone consult. 303 909 9362

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