Denver Dog Behavior Training

Behavior Disorder Resolutions

I Believe I have seen it ALL ...


Denver Dog Behavior Training handles many behavior disorders and unusual unwanted behaviors including, but not limited to:

  • Separation Anxiety
  • Dominance Related Disorders
  • "Impossible" to Housebreak
  • Phobias/Unexplained Fearfulness
  • Ex-Fighter Issues
  • Object (including owner) Guarding
  • Area Guarding
  • Territorial Aggression
  • Front Door Frenzy
  • Lunging at Cars
  • Panic and shut downs
  • Hysterical Behaviors
  •  Aggressive to owners
  • Aggression to other pets in home
  • Reactivity/Aggression on Leash
  • Light Chasing
  • Car Chasing

Today we are seeing more and more unusual behavior disorders among dogs. These issues are not only stressful for our dogs to deal with, but also for us. Many families simply give up on their dogs, thinking there is no hope.

Shelters are filled with these dogs that absolutely could have been helped to change.

We want to keep your dog with your family and resolve your problematic behavior issues. For a more peaceful, enjoyable relationship together, for ANY behavior disorder of ANY kind, contact Denver Dog Behavior Training. We will help you.

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