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Denver Dog Behavior Training  offers the most comprehensive training program available for your Deaf dog.

Deaf dogs are often labelled as stupid and diffacult to teach. Our experience has proven the opposite true.

 A dog's deafness is entirely unrelated to his capacity for learning. Just as you desire your dog to understand you, they also want and need to know what to do to please you. No dog enjoys being "in trouble".  Just like humans, they can only know and understand what they have been taught. Thus, the necessity of knowing how to communicate to them to teach them. 


This course will break down that invisible wall between you and unite you in a special bond.   



Meet Buckley. A 1 year old Boston Terrier. He is totally deaf.

Some people who previously knew him seriously thought he was "mentally damaged from birth and retarded". Actually, Buckley possesses a very high level of intelligence. He understood and grasped the concepts of his lessons faster than many hearing dogs! He just needed a way to be able to communicate with people and understand them.

At the end of our 5 week specialized program, Buckley understood:                



Attention on request


Leave it (in the picture leaving a plate of roast chicken on the floor!)          

Lay Down


Drop it 

Heel  (walking nicely at your side on leash)


Roll over



Also included is Teacher's Pet incredibly effective Housebreaking Program for Deaf dogs and Good Manners Training: NO jumping, nipping, barking, digging, counter surfing, chewing and more. This complete program contains everything you will need for the life of your dog. 




Buckly is so reliable with his commands that he can enjoy OFF LEASH outings with his family! 


Incredible for a deaf dog. 




Elevate Your dog's Quality of Life.


                                                               Give Your dog the Gift of Training.

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