Denver Dog Behavior Training

Difficult housebreaking Cases

Absolutely Sucessful House-training for Extreme cases - for All dogs All Ages.



Denver Dog Behavior Training  EXTREME House Breaking Program  is incredibly effective for dogs of all ages!

No dog is too old to learn "new tricks". No need to feel your dog can't understand what you want her to do. 

This program is based on established scientific facts on how behaviors are learned and then changed and is guaranteed to work!


Dogs absorb and process information differently than humans. Their brain size and structure are different, thus, some basic thinking processes humans possess, are biologically impossible for dogs. Thus the conflict.

We feel "they know." But the fact is, they have gotten confused and need our help.


An accurate understanding of these facts, along with proper assessment of your current situation at home will get you quickly on the road to house-training success. Our Basic program will be modified for each individual dog's needs. 

At the end of this training, all dogs will be "proofed" to be sure they have the new mental outlook on using your home as their potty.


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