Denver Dog Behavior Training

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Rave Reviews !!



"My! THIS is one VERY well trained boxer!"

- Dr. Jane Goodall / British Primatologist, Anthropologist /



"They are behaving so much better. And being able to walk 3 large dogs at the same time is a big plus!"

- Joan and Richard McCormick - President of Rutgers University



"Thank you tremendously for your help with all the dogs. You are the best!"

- Becky /Champion Labrador Retriever Breeder



"I wasn't so sure your online potty program would work for my Bella. Especially since this has been an ongoing problem for over 4 years. I'm so happy to announce that she is now using the potty exclusively OUTSIDE! And as a bonus I have helped my friends with their dogs, as none of them would "go" outside at all during monsoon season!"

- Margaret Jain/ Hawaii



"The dog is night and day. There were times when I was so frustrated, I just didn't know WHAT to do. This has been EXCELLENT! She's 80-90% better on almost everything. I'm enjoying her a lot more."

- Mariah / Cliffwood Beach



"Love the way you taught them with the clicker. They are doing great. You did a wonderful job and I'd be happy to give anyone a reference."

- Marie and John Valentin - NY Mets



"The great job you have done with Dempsey was evident when in September I took him to the BSF Charity Show on the INTREPID. Dempsey demonstrated several products and was the hit of the show as more people commented on how well trained he was.His behavior is all due to your marvelous way of training and we have recommended your service to everyone who sees how well he behaves."

- Ronald S. Hari



"I really didn't think he could be trained."

- Carol / Elberon



"Everything is working so beautifully. We had company, and they couldn't believe how well behaved she was. Thank you for everything."

- Eileen / Little Silver



"I can't believe how fast you taught my puppy complete obedience, It was pretty amazing."

- Louis Ferrari

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