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Have you ever felt that your dog would enjoy being loved and appreciated by others? Maybe those who are lonely without any relatives or friends? Or those experiencing difficultcircumstances, like sickness, rehabilitations, and separated families? Even employees, especially in stressful occupations appreciate the love and stress reduction received by visits of Therapy Dogs. You and your dog may be eligible to become a registered Therapy Dog team!


As a therapy dog team you will bring smiles and joy to others. Together you can visit hospitals and rehabilitation centers, preschools, Libraries, Assisted living facilities, work places, elementary schools, assist in the Reluctant Readers Programs- helping children learn to read, Where ever you wish to fill the need in your local community. 


Qualifications for registration with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs begin with a friendly dog, any breed or mix, and a kind owner able to share their pet with others. Dogs must be at least one year of age to be tested and observed, be non-aggressive to people and dogs, and be generally well behaved and under control. 


The testing process begins with a handling evaluation test of your dog's basic good manners and your handling skills. If you and your dog pass, you move to the next step. You will have 3 separate evaluations, generally along with other registered therapy dogs interacting with residents or strangers on supervised visits. Upon sucessful completion of the above requirements, and health documentations, your dog would be a certified, registered member of the Alliance of Therapy Dogs international organization.


If you choose to visit the same facilities regularly, your visits will be eagerly anticipated!  You and your faithful friend will meet many new people as you make your rounds. Your dog will also quickly become familiar with their new regular friends and love their quality time spent, not only with you, but with them too! 


Denver Dog Behavior Training wouls love to assist you and your dog to become a certified and registered therapy dog team. There is much more demand than there are teams to fill them. Dogs are currently needed at DIA, the EPA , various hospitals, assisted living homes, schools, courts and libraries.


Call us today and come join our team. The world needs more love!

Congratulations to Our New Registered Therapy Dog Teams!

Karen & Larry

Michelle & Juno

Tobe & Lucy

Susan & Lucy

Debbie & Regis

Jennifer & Fizzgig

Arthur & KoKo

Barbara & Boaz

Kathy & Hudson

Sandy & Hannah

Karen & Teddy


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